Antonio Sarcinella, Artist

Current October 20 – November 18, 2023

Antonio Sarcinella


Antonio Sarcinella has been studying painting with Prof. Anke Doberauer at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich since 2017. In his current work, the artist, born in 1989, deals with the concept of space and plays with the relationship between inside and outside. Sarcinella deals with perspective, overlaps and spatial shifts with unusual, intense color combinations.

Past September 7 – October 14, 2023

Sebastian Gumpinger

‘There ist no straight line in a curved world’

This premise derived from physics is also the title of the exhibition we are showing on the occasion of the gallery weekend Open Art in Munich. We are very pleased to show you the works of Sebastian Gumpinger. In 2015, he completed his studies at the Müchner Akademie as a master student of Prof. Günther Förg. In his series ‘Steel Paintings’ Sebastian Gumpinger deals in depth with materiality and gesture. The line is the focus of his artistic work and the representation of an essence of form and gesture in space.

Sebastian Gumpinger, exhibition

Past July 14 – August 30, 2023

Rebellious Geometry

Rudolf Kämmer Painting

With the works of Rudolf Kämmer (2935 – 2019) the gallery already focused on constructive works in the past. With his pictorial objects he explored seeing as a method of critical questioning. His work varies between playful objects and sensual – poetic constructions. Since the end of the 1950s, Kämmer has developed his ideas rendering basic geometric forms on graph paper with mathematical precision, while his colors make his works glow and lift them up to an emotionally experienceable state of existence.  We are proud to exhibit once more unseen works by a German protagonist of the Optical and Kinetic Art.

Past July 14 – August 30, 2023

Rebellious Geometry

Danni Schwaag Jewelry

Jewelry artist Danni Schwaag lives and works in Bremen. She draws inspiration from moments, from travelling, nature, architecture, art history, interpersonal relationships and (unusual) materials. “At the beginning of my artistic process, there is a puzzle in front of me, a game of materials, shapes and colors. things laid are moved, discarded and rearranged, in search of compositions. My work develops from surprises and coincidences that i perceive during the working process.” In the end, jewels of multi-layered harmony and surprising freshness appear.