Danni Schwaag

Rebellious Geometry – Jewelry

July 14 - August 30, 2023

Jewelry artist Danni Schwaag lives and works in Bremen. She draws inspiration from moments, from travelling, nature, architecture, art history, interpersonal relationships and (unusual) materials. “At the beginning of my artistic process, there is a puzzle in front of me, a game of materials, shapes and colors. things laid are moved, discarded and rearranged, in search of compositions. My work develops from surprises and coincidences that i perceive during the working process.” In the end, jewels of multi-layered harmony and surprising freshness appear. Behind each group of works there is a story and an intense research with colors and materials and their visual impact. Mother-of-pearl is one of Danni Schwaag’s favorite materials, but the artist also combines wood, copper, various plastics such as galalith, enamel, threads or found objects to create completely new compositions.

The play with geometric forms and constructivist compositions are among the most important avant-garde concepts in visual art and design in the 20th century, just think of Malevich, De Stijl and Bauhaus. Under the title ‘Rebellious Geometry’ we juxtapose three  artistic positions that come at very different personal statements based on mathematical considerations, principles of symmetry and collages of basic geometric forms.