Daniel Kraus

Shuttle & Buoys

September 24 - October 20, 2021

‘Shuttle’ is a series of images based on photographs of vehicles in motion. These vehicles – originally a cab, a bus and a car – were photographed in front of “Her Majesty’s Theatre” in London. The photographs undergo a transformation through a supposedly simple technical trick. By making a section of the image more precise, as well as by mirroring and rotating it, companions emerge that make their way, spaceship-like, through abstract color landscapes. Sometimes concrete figurative elements are recognizable (drivers, lettering, numbers), sometimes only fragments of figures, obscured by reflections, appear in their vehicles. In addition, reflections of the environment that appear on the shiny surfaces and windows of the original vehicles expand the possibility of interpretation and location of the ‘shuttles’ in space and time. Some vehicles clearly move in a linear fashion, while others appear to rotate on their own axis.
There is no interpretation of these unknown companions. Sometimes the title refers associatively to the place or event of the origin story. Mostly, the title only refers to the object and its purpose as a transport body. In the cocoon-like closed, rotating objects, the theme of the ever accelerating (individual) mobility society circling around itself becomes apparent.
Typical photographic techniques from automobile photography are reinterpreted in the shuttle series – through forms and elements of a kind of new science fiction visual language, embedded in shimmering, abstracted color worlds. Since the photographs are digitally processed only through the means of mirroring and cropping, they retain their authenticity and yet lead into new worlds of imagination.