Alexandra Hendrikoff


October 29 - November 20, 2021

An intensive examination of nature, the knowledge of the cycles of life and the idea of an intuitively graspable, cosmic life energy are at the center of Alexandra Hendrikoff’s works. Born in Bad Reichenhall in 1965, the artist creates delicate-looking objects and floating objects out of paper that captivate the viewer with their complexity and richness of detail. 

In meditative handwork, she occupies the edges of her sculptures with grasses or the interior with dandelion seeds, so that a second shell is created in the hollow spaces, hovering between the material and immaterial. Hendrikoff’s choice of formal language references nature as the mother of all creativity, but she creates entirely new creatures reminiscent of plants, organs, or underwater creatures. 

The title of the exhibition ‘ATEM’ refers to a central theme of her work – the permeability and communication of all living things with their surroundings. With her works, Alexandra Hendrikoff raises our awareness of this.