Daniel Kraus

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Starting with single shots of urban architectures, plants and objects, Daniel Kraus (born 1962 in Augsburg) creates entirely new forms and visual worlds using the digital means of reflection, rotation and superimposition. What at first glance seems playful, like a digital trick to show us the world from a different perspective, is in fact a meticulous process of appropriation and metamorphosis, in which the artist reinterprets the original photograph in terms of content and turns it into a symbol for something entirely new and alien.

In New York, London, Lisbon, Venice and Munich, Daniel Kraus discovered office buildings, baroque churches, bridges – exciting urban situations for his transformations. Behind the choice of his motifs is each time an intellectual expectation with regard to the possible result. Reflections change the proportions. Elements come into the center of the picture that originally play a secondary role, as in his work ‘Stations’, which we have chosen as the motif for the invitation card. Daniel Kraus works in series. All works are based on a selective observation of the surroundings, focused on structures. Each individual work is about the freedom to create new forms from the circumstances and to rethink iconographic content.